2019’s first new moon is in hardworking Capricorn on 6 January at 9.28am.

A partial solar eclipse will happen from 7.34am to 11.48am, though we won’t be able to see it from Singapore. Eclipse often reveals something hidden in our lives and has a great impact on us.

Make this new moon count as it’s the best time to set resolutions for 2019.

Think of your resolution and pick a card to guide you in setting your resolutions for the year.

New Moon in Capricorn Reading in Video

Card reveal

Left: Queen of Wands

To achieve your New Moon in Capricorn manifestation, you’ll need to embody the spirit of the Queen of Wands. The person I want to be when I grow up.

She is brave and passionate. She puts her energy into cultivating the things that interest her.

Instead of the the macho energy of rushing into things, she still has a calm side and is kind to others in pursuit of her goals.

Middle: Three of Wands

With the Three of Wands, it tells us that planning is not enough and we have to put our plans into action.

To make your manifestation come true, tt seems like find someone to help you along the journey will be necessary to go after your goals.

The partner doesn’t have to meet with you in person, in fact, it seems like they might be far away from you.

Communication with your partner is key too. And you’ll likely hear good news.

Right: Eight of Swords

Even at the start of the year, you might feel that you’re restrained by others and can’t proceed on your own.

If you are, the people who are restraining you enjoys how they’re able to keep you in your place despite how much you want to grow.

The way out of this is to pretend to them that you /are/ trapped by them. But secretly, you know that their grip on you is loose and you will escape once they look in the other way.

Don’t let anyone tie you down!

What is your New Moon in Capricorn goals? Let me know in the comments.

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