You’d think that as a tarot reader, I would be into astrology as well. But no, I’ve not really studied astrology.

[Update: The original post was published in 2017. Since late 2018, I’ve started taking astrology class.]

But last year, I found out about a wonderful astrologer/tarot reader Kriss Lumsden who runs a private Facebook group astroMANIFEST.

Since then, I’ve started following her new moon manifestation guides.

Here’s how it works. During the new moon, the moon would fall into one of the zodiac signs, which also corresponds to one of the houses in our birth charts.

Based on where the new moon falls, you set intentions/ make a wish to improve that part of your life.

I would write down my intentions and file it in my manifestation folder.

The misguided manifestation

Before you go, “Hmm, YQ, I thought you’re a practical tarot reader and not someone who believes in The Secret manifestation woo woo stuff.”

That’s right. I don’t believe in The Secret type of manifestation. I don’t believe in “You don’t have to do anything. Put it out into the universe and it will be answered.”

Sorry, you still have to work for it.

The sensible manifestation

For me, new moon manifestations help me narrow down areas in life to focus on. The new moon falls in our 12 different houses, which highlights 12 different parts of our life.

For example, this new moon falls in my fourth House of Family and Home/ Parents.

In real life, I give this area as little care as I need to. I know, I’m terrible this way.

But since the new moon is highlighting this part, I’m going to use tarot readings to explore what intentions to set and what sort of baggage I need to let go.

Upcoming new moon

new moon manifestation worksheet

The next new moon is actually this evening (23 July 2017 5.45pm SGT). The new moon falls in Leo 0˚ 24″.

I’ve prepared a New Moon Manifestation worksheet for you.

Honestly , t’s a little too late to do the reading for this cycle, but you’re welcomed to get in touch at the next new moon.

My own Leo New Moon tarot reading

Leo New Moon Tarot Spread, inspired by Ethony
I always love Ethony’s moon cyclye tarot spreads. This is for tonight’s New Moon in Leo.

This new moon falls in my fourth house of family/roots/parents.

1. Playful lioness – Where/how can I be more playful in my life?
STRENGTH: Interesting that the card with a lion appears for the Leo New Moon. From this, I’m inclined to read it as I can be more playful when it comes to trying to persuade people.

I’m quite headstrong and can venture into mean when I’m trying to let people see my point of view. Perhaps I should use a different, a softer strategy.

2. Rocky babe – Where should I use all that warrior energy?
KNIGHT OF WANDS: Chaaaaaarge! I need to put my energy into my passion projects. I aim to launch my paid e-course in August’s full moon.

3. Action star – Where do I need to take action?
ACE OF CUPS: Emotions and self care. Got it.

4. Open heart – Where am I being asked to be more open?
TWO OF CUPS: Yikes. This pinpoints my weakness in personal relationships, especially romantic ones. I’ll have to get rid of the need-to-be-in-control-of-everything-especially-emotions part.


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