We’ve reached the last new moon of the zodiac cycle. The Pisces New Moon falls on 17 March 9.11pm (GMT +8).

Do you have something you want to work on? Focus on it as an intention you want to manifest.

Then pick a card from below to see the advice the cards have for you.
new moon pisces march 2018

With the Pisces new moon, we can start closing the door on bad habits so we can enter the next astrological year in April with a fresh start.

Left card: Four of Cups

You want Thingmabobs? I got 20.
But who cares? No big deal.
I want more.

–  ‘Part of Your World’, Ariel in The Little Mermaid

When Four of Cups appears in your life, it’s a sign that you’re not satisfied with what you already have.

Some would say, a little ungrateful even.

If wanting more than what you already have is causing you unpleasant feelings (such as jealousy), you might want to pause and start counting your blessings. You’ve got a lot of good things going on that you need to acknowledge.

Let the desires drive you to achieve higher, but without gratitude, you’ll find that even when you’ve reached your goals, you’ll feel empty.


Middle card: Temperance

Appearance of Temperance reminds us to be patient and that practice makes perfect.

If you have a goal you want to reach, set it. But don’t rush into things or give up so soon. It might take you a lot of practice but eventually, you’ll get there.

If you look closely at Temperance in the card, you’ll realize she’s pouring water out of a jug into a shallow dish WHILE LOOKING AT YOU.

She’s so calm and collected and PRO at her water-pouring gig.

It didn’t happen on Day 1. She’s been practising it for so long that she can just feel how to do it in her muscles (and without looking.)

Adopt her attitude and tenacity.

Right card: Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords signals something new related to thoughts that will appear in your life. This new philosophy could be the beacon to the wish you want fulfull.

This new moon season will also see you cut through a lot of bullshit and come across a great revelation.

It could be the lies you’ve been unconsciously telling yourself. Or even bullshit that other people pile on you. Cut all that BS out.



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