We’re at the last new moon of 2019. This is the last new moon manifestation for the year before we jump into a fresh new year.

This New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on 7 December (15:20 GMT +8). And Jupiter is also currently in Sagittarius, giving us a great a boost of luck.

Ideas that you can use in your manifestation include planning for long distance travel, increasing your general luck, higher education, learning spiritual topics, getting into broadcasting or publishing and more!

If you have other ideas for manifestation, you can focus on those too.

To help you with your manifesting, pick one of the cards for your New Moon reading. The cards advise on how you can maximise this new moon.

Sagittarius new moon 2018

What I do as part of my manifestation

In the past, I’ve mostly done written manifesting but inspired by my friend Nicole, I’ve started making digital collages.

Before the New Moon, I would search for images related to what I manifest. I look for inspiration on unsplash.com or photos that have caught my eye on Instagram. Pinterest is a good source too.

And after the new moon (not more than 48 hours of the new moon), I would create a collage of it.

Here’s an example of my New Moon in Libra collage where I was focusing on partnerships.

Hope that gives you an idea of what to do during your new moon manifestation.

New Moon in Sagittarius tarot reveal

Sagittarius new moon 2018

The message for all of us is: Change is coming. Take rest. Don’t be afraid to walk away from things that don’t serve you anymore.

Left card: The Wheel of Fortune

Lucky you! A significant change is coming, and it’s for the better.

This particular transition will be smooth. Savour it for as long as you can.

Luck is in your favour so be bold in taking action to get whatever you wish to have.

Middle card: Four of Swords

Four of Swords tells us to rest so that we have the energy to face our upcoming battles.

Gothe od thing we’re at the end of the year so most things are wrapping up.

It is OK to take your foot off the pedal. You need to refuel before you can continue on your path.

Right: Five of Pentacles

For this version of Five of Pentacles, I see it differently from the Rider-Waite.

I see the woman in a hooded robe walking past/away from the beautifully decorated window.

Did she walk away from the building because she was chased out, or did she walk away because she knew she couldn’t stay?

For your new moon in Sagittarius manifestation, know that you can walk way from what no longer serves you. That dream you had from the beginning of the year but no longer resonate? Leave it and find something better.


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