New Moon in Scorpio is on 8 November (Thursday) at 12:01am (GMT +8).

After the new moon arrives, start setting the intentions that you hope to fulfil by the next Full Moon in Scorpio around May 2019.

Scorpio is about intimacy, sensuality, other people’s money, the shadow side (the part where you aren’t acknowledging)

Or you can dig into the darker parts of your life (jealousy, skeletons in closets) and using that to fuel you in your journey.

Take a deep breath. Think of your goal. The answers will be revealed later.

new moon scorpio
I’m using Wolff’s Cartomancy by Bianca Wolff.

The deck is a very sexy deck (think bare chest and no pants) but thankfully the cards picked for New Moon Scorpio are still PG13.

A recap, New Moon in Scorpio is a good time to focus your intention on intimacy, sensuality, creating wealth through other people’s money. Or other wishes that you want to manifest in your life.

Let’s dive into the different cards.

new-moon scorpio

Left card: Queen of Wands

Embrace the spirit of the fiery and passionate Queen of Wands this season. She is fearless and knows how to charm her way into anything.

This Queen is also a leader without being demanding, as her subjects are drawn to her fighting spirit.

For this particular Queen of Wands, there is also a permission to burn down (look at her firey wand) what doesn’t work for you and grow something new. Scorpio is very much about transformation, and sometimes you need total destruction before that can come.


Middle card: Six of Cups

It is OK to relax and return to a childlike state where everything seems to be wonderful.

It’s not telling you to escape reality, but to see things from a different–more innocent–light.

Take time out, go for a picnic, pet some animals.


Right card: Four of Pentacles

Scorpios do not trust easily. With this particular Four of Pentacles, I’d say the advice is to hold your cards close to your chest.

You don’t need to reveal anything you don’t want.

And if people are requesting your help (whether it’s time, money or knowledge), don’t give too much, keep some for yourself so you won’t feel used.



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