Before getting my first tarot deck, I had no clue there were many ::cough:: made-up ::cough:: rules about getting a tarot deck for yourself.

Which was great because if I knew of any of the “tarot deck traditions” out there, I would have been too scared to do anything.

I made a fun video TikTok to Instagram video about it but you can scroll down to read to.

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Don’t #1 Wait for others to gift you a tarot deck: You can buy your own tarot deck

The myth that your tarot deck must be a gift likely came from people who want to keep tarot within their small circle.

If you don’t know anyone who has or can buy you a deck, you’ll never be able to get into the inner circle.

The truth is, tarot decks are so easily available now. Just go get yourself one.

Don’t #2 Buy cheap decks that are pirated: Support creators and get authentic decks

Several marketplaces are selling pirated tarot decks at very cheap prices. (Less than $5 is highly suspicious) Not only do the illegal printers get your money, but your favourite creator are robbed of their intellectual property.

For tarot newbies, a regular tarot deck has a much better quality for shuffling. Sometimes the hand-feel of a deck is important for you to feel comfortable with shuffling and dealing the cards.

Don’t #3 Believe that you have to store your deck in a silk pouch: You can keep your deck anywhere. I keep mine in food storage boxes

Silk can be hard to find, plus they can get wet if any water spills on them.

You are free to keep your tarot decks however you like. I keep them in food storage boxes since it protects them from being frayed in my bag when I am out.

Don’t #4 Believe that you need all to smoke or put your deck under the moonlight to “cleanse” it: Reordering your deck is enough to “clear” the energy

Many tarot practitioners also like crystals and other woo objects but you don’t have to get them. (They cost a pretty penny too.)

Some tarot readers would “cleanse” their deck with smoke or knock on the deck to clear the energies.

I’m not particularly affected by energies so the most I do is rearrange the cards in order if I feel that the readings do not make sense.

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