It’s the third week of the new year and it might seem a bit too late to announce to the world my word of the year but here I am!

My word of the year is Challenge because I want to challenge myself.

The past two years have been easy. I deliberately chose the easy life–doing minimal things, taking things slow and enjoying my life.

But staying in the comfort zone can get kind of boring (see my 2022, 2023 astrological transit reviews) so I thought that Challenge is something I’d like to do more in 2024.

Hesitant picking the word

Even though the word came to me, I was very hesitant to pick it as it felt like it wasn’t what the “love & light” gang might say is a “high-frequency word”. (Though, the most high-frequency word would probably be the lyric Mariah Carey is singing at her highest key.)

Besides the woo-woo superstition, In Chinese culture, there’s a superstition that you shouldn’t deliberately bring bad luck to yourself. For example, saying negative words around the new year as it will “curse” the rest of your year.

I did get some new (exciting) challenges at my workplace as I’ll be extending my duties to include some high-growth portfolio. These would be very useful not just for career growth but for my own learning.

My next challenge is to extend and strengthen my community–I’m not sure what that means to me yet. I’m a homebody who enjoys playing video games alone. But, with Pluto entering Aquarius and activating my house of communities, it’ll be something I need to learn to pick up.

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