Last week, I talked about why tarot isn’t scary. Today, I want to give you a glimpse of how I do tarot readings for clients.

At Tarot Singapore Online, I focus on delivering readings through video and a text write-up.

I find this combination the best for clients: Those who want to read can refer to the PDF while those who like to watch videos and refer to the videos.

But turns out having the both of them is the secret sauce.

From the video reading, you can see the whole picture painted stroke by stroke. It’s as if you’re sitting in front of me as I conduct the reading.

You get to see me explain what each card means in relation to each other and how the revealing of different cards change the picture.

After recording the video, I do a PDF write up to summarize the video plus include notes that come to me after some pondering.

Here’s a sample reading (PDF and video)

Here is a video of me doing a demonstration of a reading using myself and my real love life as an example. (Oh my goodness, it’s so vulnerable.)

When you approach a tarot reader, it’s usually enough to just tell them your situation, a bit about the related past so the reader can work from there. Other details such as date of birth might be useful if they combine astrology as well.

You can also download a sample PDF write up to see how one looks like.

tarot singapore sample reading

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