Today (September 29, 2023)  is the Full Moon in Aries, happening at 6 degrees Aries around 5.57pm. That’s exactly on my ascendant, so I was curious about what might happen.

Will I get more spotlight on me? I imagined the full moon casting a spotlight on me as I shone.

The night before the full moon, I was ready to shine on Instagram Stories.

But… the platform blocked me from posting on Stories. I tried again and again, and it was still blocked.

The next day—Full moon day—I posted on the grid, directing people to my other account.

Then I found out the post never showed up. It was blocked again.

I was ready to complain. I was ready to say “The astrology doesn’t match! Where is my spotlight?”

Then I realised, hey, Full Moon on my ascendant is different from Full Moon on my career line. It’s shining a light on the personal me and not the “business or YQmagic me”.

I see it as a sign that I can go full out with my personal self. My semi-personal Instagram account—it’s currently focused on posting some ghost hunting game clips and some of my improv performances.

Or is it shining a light on my whole self? I’ve been struggling to juggle the multiple identities that make up the whole me. They seem like Venn diagrams with the tiniest sliver of connection.

I’m also waiting for the next big (for me) astrological event—the Lunar Eclipse close to my Sun. This means a shedding of light on something internal. I wonder what that might be!

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