The start of the year is when a lot of people set their goals as it is a fresh start.

If you’re unsure what goals to set for the long- and mid-term ( 3-years and 1-year goals), you can use astrology as a guide.

We can use the position of transiting Saturn and Jupiter (the planets in the cosmo now, not in your birth chart) to narrow down the topics or areas to set goals.

This also lets us take advantage of the natural astrological cycle for a boost in achieving our goals.

3-Year Long-term Goals: transiting Saturn

Saturn is the planet of hard work and dedication.

Where transiting Saturn is in your chart (it is in Aquarius from December 2020 to March 2023; in Pisces from March 2023 onwards) is the area where you can focus on dedicating your energy to build something long lasting.

The Saturnian energy can feel like an uphill climb but putting in the dedication and work and help you reap a good harvest.

What not to do: Being defeated and totally give up on the area.


1-Year Mid-term goals: transiting Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance.

Where transiting Jupiter is in your chart (it’s now in Aries from end December 2022; and in Taurus from  May 2023 ) is where you’ll find an increase in activities, learning and growth.

Do note that the Jupiterian energy can encourage self-righteousness and being judgemental.

What not to do: Kick back and relax. Make use of the abundance to build more abundance.

How to find where Saturn and Jupiter is in your chart now

Since the plannets will be in two signs in 2023, here are the months they will be in. This gives us a chance to update our long term goals!

Saturn in Aquarius until March 2023
Saturn in Pisces from March 2023 to mid 2025

Jupiter in Aries until May 2023
Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024

You can generate your birth chart to know what your rising sign is.

Once you know your rising sign, here’s where Saturn and Jupiter are:

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus houses for each rising sign 

Goal Statement

My long-term goal is to strengthen ____(Topics related to the house Saturn is transiting in)____ and my goal for 2023 is to grow in _(Topics related to the house Jupiter is transiting in) _.


Houses & their topics

1st house: Self, individuality, personality, physical appearance.

2nd house: Money, income, personal values, self-worth.

3rd house: Communication, the mind, ideas, early education, siblings.

4th house: Home and family, history, ancestors, real estate.

5th house: Creative self-expression, hobbies, recreation, games, children, investment.

6th house: Health, work, service, servants, coworkers, duties, chores.

7th house: Partnerships, marriage, clients, open enemies, contracts and negotiations.

8th house: Other people’s money, collective resources, insurance, investments, sex, psychology.

9th house: Belief, higher education, philosophy, the quest for meaning, broadcasting, the law, long distance travel etc.

10th house: Career and social status, reputation, public image, bosses and authority figures.

11th house: Friendship, groups, societies, communities and hopes and wishes.

12th house: Spirituality, neglected people, hidden enemies, self-undoing.


What’s your goal statement for 2023?

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