New Year is when people love setting New Year’s Resolution. I won’t talk about the actual part about achieving it–it’s a much bigger topic that relates to your emotional wants and setting up habits to achieve your resolutions

But we’ll be talking about how to set New Year Goals with astrology, specifically with Jupiter transits.

To follow along, you will need to know your rising sign, which requires you to have your birth time. If you do not know your rising sign, technically you can still use this formula for setting new year goals.

Why Jupiter for new year goal setting?

Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance. It’s called the “greater benefic” with Venus being #2. Jupiter transits can make that particular part of your life more “lucky” and expansive so why don’t we use it to help us set goals that are easy to achieve?

I also like using astrology (which includes new moon goal setting) to set my goals because it will touch on ALL parts of my life–else I’ll be stuck with making career goals all the time.

For 2023, Jupiter will be in Aries until May 2023 and will be in Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024.

Jupiter is in a sign for about a year–it had already been in Aries for a little bit last year so we’re getting a rather speedy Jupiter this year.

For those who know more astrology, Jupiter is at 1 degree Aries at the start of the year goes up to 15 degrees Taurus in 2023. So you can see which houses these points are in your chart.

If you’re not so familiar with astrology, here’s a quick guide on which house Jupiter is in your chart for 2023 and till May 2024. What I’m sharing will be based on whole sign house–which is a popular system for some of the more traditional astrologers.

Here are the houses where Jupiter will be

Jupiter for Goal setting

Houses & their topics

Now that you know which houses Jupiter is in, you can set topics that fit the houses.

1st house: Self, individuality, personality, physical appearance.

2nd house: Money, income, personal values, self-worth.

3rd house: Communication, the mind, ideas, early education, siblings.

4th house: Home and family, history, ancestors, real estate.

5th house: Creative self-expression, hobbies, recreation, games, children, investment.

6th house: Health, work, service, servants, coworkers, duties, chores.

7th house: Partnerships, marriage, clients, open enemies, contracts and negotiations.

8th house: Other people’s money, collective resources, insurance, investments, sex, psychology.

9th house: Belief, higher education, philosophy, the quest for meaning, broadcasting, the law, long distance travel etc.

10th house: Career and social status, reputation, public image, bosses and authority figures.

11th house: Friendship, groups, societies, communities and hopes and wishes.

12th house: Spirituality, neglected people, hidden enemies, self-undoing.

Making your goal statement

My goal for 2023 is to grow in/ develop/ expand/ seek opportunities/ increasing / invest my energy in __(Topics Related to the two houses)________.

Here are examples based on the houses (but you’re welcome to expand them)

  1. Developing my sense of self
  2. Increasing my income
  3. Expanding my ideas
  4. Growing my home
  5. Seeking opportunities in creatively expressing myself
  6. Developing my health routines
  7. Developing my partnerships
  8. Increasing investments
  9. Expanding my higher education
  10. Seeking opportunities in my career
  11. Expanding my communities
  12. Developing my intuition

After setting your goal statement, now you can take the steps to achieve them.

In the comments, share what your goal statement for 2023 is.

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