If you think Jake Gyllenhaal is going through a tough time.

I think he’s gonna have it worse when Venus retrograde actually happened.

So, Venus retrograde in Capricorn is this December 19, at least in Singapore. It’s probably 18th on US side until January like late January.

And what’s going to be affected in his chart is his Mars in Capricorn as well as his Pluto in Libra.

The funny thing is Venus retrograde is about ex relationships and Venus being like the girlfriend planet–ex girlfriends.

So where it is in his chart basically is it crosses from the fifth house of romance and the sixth house so Venus retrograde will be affecting both his romances as well as his daily work.

And because his Mars is in the sixth house, his ability to take action and work will be affected as well. And this will affect his Pluto in the third house as well.

So usually people with Pluto in the third house is that they are very careful when it comes to communication.

It they feel that there’s always some secrets around and sometimes they can get sneaky and try to use communication to control people because of Pluto.

Pluto in Libra is kind of like the way they manipulate or control people is through like being nice person like say, “I’m doing all these nice things for you.”

So all these are gonna get hit when Venus retrograde comes.

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