One thing people don’t really know about me is that I read tarot for myself almost daily.

You might think it’s not the most healthy thing but hear me out.

I am selective about what I reveal to people, even people closest to me.

I confide to very few people. I’m mostly afraid that the response from them would hurt my feelings or make things worse so I tend to keep things to myself.

In the long run, it might not be healthy for emotional well-being or building intimacy with others.

But that’s how I’m running my life now.


How I use tarot in my daily life

Since I don’t want to bother other people with my problem, I turn to tarot cards.

When I have a question, I either pick a card from my deck or head to my favourite sites for a reading.

I don’t follow the cards blindly though. Based on the cards that show up, I explore how I feel about the situation.

So instead of relying fully on my guts (which can be in panic mode sometimes), I have an extra layer to help me process my thoughts.

I find that I can be more objective about a situation.

Still, sometimes I get too fixated on getting the answer I want to hear so and I have to be aware of that and pull myself away.


If you’ve not started learning tarot yet, you can follow my Instagram account, I share daily draws for the week days which you can use to navigate your daily life.

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