taurus new moon

Pick a card to guide you in the Taurus New Moon phase.

The New Moon in Taurus falls on May 15 (Tuesday) at 7:47pm. It’s in the house of finance and money so if you’re manifesting money, it’ll help give you extra power.

For me personally, I plan to set an intention about different income sources for the next six months. Of course, the intention setting will happen only after the New Moon arrives.

So let’s all pick a card and see what the Golden Botticelli tarot advises us.

New Moon in Taurus card reveal

Left: Seven of Cups

This period is time for you to dream big. Even daydreams can become reality when you put work into it.

Start becoming the architect of your castles in the air because you’ll get help (out of nowhere, it seems) when it comes to making your vision a reality.

Middle: The Fool

Too many ideas in your head? Get them onto paper so you can actually start planning and execute.

This card also shows that it’s not wise to ask for opinions from too many people. You’re pretending that busy work getting “feedback” is actual work.

Right: The Devil

There can be a tendency to be reckless in your spending.

Don’t let the spoilt child in you rule your finances. Be a grown up and read about investments and savings.

Or find a financial advisor you can trust. (PS My sister is one, though she didn’t ask me to promote her.)


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